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ATLANTIS CAMPUS : Sonic Artifact #1

The 1st Complete Sonic Experience transmitted through KAI OVERDOSE

*Limited Print Vinyl available upon request

In the winter of 2013, A 17-year old KAI OVERDOSE began to create 10 fearlessly honest, raw, & uncut sounds. Derived directly from his subconscious mind.

The project was inspired entirely from a dreamstate. OVERDOSE stated to have set alarms for random times in the middle of the night and began to write or compose anything that came to mind. This process has created a truly unique sonic exprience, one that bypasses all space and time .

Recording, composing, and producing the entire project over the span of 17 months, ATLANTIS CAMPUS is the birthplace of KAI OVERDOSE, and his deep etheric soundscapes.


released April 15, 2014

Lyrics & Sound Design : Start | January 2013...Complete | Mar. 2014

Time Input: 750 hours

Executively Produced, Written, & Composed by KAI OVERDOSE

Experiential Artwork : World-Renowned Stencil Artist, Scott Williams

Sonic Collaborators :
*MVNTRA ("********" co-production, sound design)
*Arabena (Atmospheric Vocals)
*Arian | Lyricism


all rights reserved



KAI California

sonic spaces crafted from the purest source.

For the chosen.

all original. all knowing. all one.

most have turned back.

their time will come

your time is now

expand beyond normal
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Track Name: ZOOTED
It's like adios to the audio
Mind drift but my body home
Probably gone to this ocean zone
9-5 no that ain't my goal

but I got a job that's to work this ho
Ima (going to) ride this tide til I take the throne
Ride or die for my niggas yo
Loyalty til death of soul
I don't give a fuck if I die tomorrow
Because when I'm gone the whole world implodes
Child survived in her womb
She got that wet suit wit sun/son
Pyro up in this bitch
Lighting the world with my spliff
Tunnel heading toward the train
Done OD'd off my fuckin name (aww man)
Hidden in this world of shade
But couldn't keep me contained
Rebels isnce an early age
Never did I change my ways

It's like adios to the audio
Mind drift but my body home
Probably gone to this ocean zone
9-5 no that ain't my goal

Living in an ocean trip
Ain't really much point in it
I know that the day I rise
Dead or alive I'll still be KAI

Dumb I'm high as shit
Timid looking at this chick
I know that she want my (dick)
But I cannot approach her clique

Id (in reference to id, ego, super-ego) seeping through those lips
Yeah she fuckin leaking
In the deep end since I was 8
Diagnosed with ADHD
But now I see it High Definition
By definition I'm spit tin my truth
Why you tripping
RipplinG all my thoughts through element
Probably made you wet the bed
Motherfuck the government
My nigga I'm done being hesitant
Ima go all out instead

Adios to the Audio
Mind drift but my body home x2
Track Name: ********
Walk through the door social construct
Trying to turn a smile on but i can't find one
People having good times but KAI a virus
Introspective mind
trying to to fight it

Drink some jungle juice trying to turn on my camouflage
Uh oh it's a no show still alone no applause
Post up on the wall pray a chica jump on my balls
But I'm too gone drop it right in front of me and i ignore
Not from the ego trip jus a reel trip
Talking wit my "steven shpeal"
Tryna feel on your hips
Smilin in my eyes like its all innocent
I know what is behind this all incense
Smoke and mirrors in the room
I jus wana get you wet
Chatting it up but word bounce off my head
Not even fucked up
Scenario got me with a cold sweat,
Coat check
Left alone just to go rest
On the nile I'm kinda home sick
I'm in denial and my dudes is too
Tryna get me up
But i ain't got no parachute
Fall up in my doom
No move to the groove
Better get a black suit
Crying over me but i've been a boo hoo
Boo who been ghostin
"Davy jones-in"
Elevated in the tomb
Dead man floating
Chosen to represent the world unspoken
Track Name: BAY FADE
Fade Down Into the Bay...

Rollin Deep wit my fam
Blinded by the Strobe me don't know where I go
But i know that lamp
post is always on when we post
get it lit, atlantis campus where I live
chillin in the fountain of youth and ignorance
so lets get a fifth, get a hit
let it rip from the bong
liquid tongue
watch me drown from the sound
burnin pounds
pounds on pounds I'm losin weight
with Lucid dreams of me jumping off that golden gate

Fade Down Into the Bay...

why they aint listening
same question
Is why my mouth won't open
Subdued from the brew and the potent shit
Voodoo child influenced by hendrix
Mary is crying out through the wind i give
cuz (because) castles made of sand will drown in the ocean
Down peak
View looking bleak
Wishing i was flying high but i got no beak
Stoned in the creek
Criss crossed with the drink
X marks both eyes
Lungs filled can't breathe
Only thing i sense is the vision in the mind
Of 6 was 9 i would still be on the grind
Shiver down the spine
Define nothin but thyself
No Pride no championship belt
But all hail
Fade into the o
Fade into the kelp
Track Name: SINK
She got it going on
I don't know if I could trust her guess I'll find out on my own
I don't know if I could love her I'm too shy to try it (yoo)
She got it going on
I dont know if I can trust her
Probably turn my heart so cold
I don't know if I can trust me not to turn her Heracleion

Never gona pass me by again left me like Heracleion
Left me trippin bitches like "what kind of pill he on?"
Never ever could I lust over another friend
Once it spoils recoil make you not wana fuck again
Thats that chick who I imagine as my future ex
Thats that lady with whom I'm imaginin super s..
She got that goody goody, leaves you wide awake
Thats that bad bitch who could leave you just fighting pain

She got it goin on..
I dont know if I can trust her, probably turn my hot to cold
I don't know if I can trust me not to turn her Heracleion

grind with me
want you to grind with me
want to u to grind wit me
want you to grind
Lets bring it back
Want you to grind with me
Want to u to grind wit me
Want you to grind with me
Want you to grind
Can u bring it back?

...Bring it back

I know nothing about my skin
I know that I'm blue in spirit
I know that I'm just a white nig
I know that I'm just a black crack
So I fall
Deep into that black Crack
That never ending spiral that's that...
That. that. that love
That I got for my clan
Is than I am
I plan
To never come up to land
In this tundra
In the deep
It's a cold summer
I see the light
Don't hear the thunder
Been extinct
For the past 3 months
Can't breathe
Sobriety got me fucked up
I need to only find me
One love
I die
One selfish fuck
I die
Under the swamp

I know...
I don't know..

About to die
I rehearsed that bitch...
Aint (isn't) that what life is?
About to dive til I die
With a couple bong rips
I don't know why we alive
But I know that present
Where I strive
Because the past and future ain't (isn't) in my mind
And time
Is the only thing that keeps me in decline
So I write out the lines
Converse through rhymes
I feel more at ease when I think about reality as not what is outside
But rather what is me
Taking not giving a fuck to a whole nother level when you know your World's speaking through you on the bass and treble
Got my middle finger up to god and the devil
Only thing I'm scared of is my fate already made
When I die in the grave and get reincarnated
As a nigga who might have made it if he hadn't made this
But life come in stages so Ima (going to) entertain until my life changes
And return into a daze where I

I don't know..
Track Name: THE COME UP

Come back with me...

Let's take a trip...

To "me"..

Through "me"...

A journey to the abyss...

Called self...