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TIMELAPSE : sonic artifact #2

The 2nd Complete Sonic Experience transmitted through KAI OVERDOSE

Many of us listen to music as a means of escape ; whether from the dreadful stagnation of a traffic jam, the perils of relationships, or the indescribable stillness following the passing of a loved one. The ability to snatch people up and send them spinning into a foreign orbit, transport them to a weightless domain with no rules or limitations, put their world on pause for even just a moment — this is the mark of a true artist. This is precisely what makes KAI OD's TimeLapse space an imperative. Drift as far as you need to.

The beauty of TIMELAPSE is in the fact that he doesn't lead listeners in a particular direction, but rather sets them free — you pick a destination, perceive your own meaning, grasp whatever words or vibrations that resonates with your current situation.


released August 28, 2015

Lyrics & Sounds Designed : Start | May.2014...Complete | August.2015.

Time Input: 1,007 hours

Executively Produced, Written, & Composed by KAI OVERDOSE

Experiential Artwork : KAI OVERDOSE

Sonic Collaboration :
Dex Mahkeenuh ("ACCEPT" sound design) .
Omvaru Devoid ("Gravity Trip" co-production, sound design) .
Arabena (Atmospheric Vocals) .
Olu Odubiro ("Blue Wave" Bass Guitar)


all rights reserved



KAI California

sonic spaces crafted from the purest source.

For the chosen.

all original. all knowing. all one.

most have turned back.

their time will come

your time is now

expand beyond normal
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Track Name: PERFECT I
Welcome to the element..
Take a breath and settle in..
You're going to be here for a moment
And this time you can't control it..

Think we know bout the life but we don’t know nothing
This a product of the times and thinking above it
Betcha love it cuz (because) vibes gon (going to) end all of the discussions
Enter the private mind
This for spirits to discover
Elevate the third eye
While i take a dive under
Used to wonder why others
Do this and that
Forget that
Focus on my own growth
And that focus gon (will) come back
Make every move
Like its my last stance
Take every risk
Like its my last chance
Living the now
Like fuck is the past?
Enter the sound
Take off the mask
Let he real relapse face the truth when most in denial
Forget the hate i ain't (don't) got no rivals
i’m winning competition ain't my survival
Time will tell nobody do it like i do
And the ones who gon (will) fail are the one who try to
Get your paddle
Go get your boat
Spiritual healing to stay afloat
That feeling i’m feeling while in the zone
Find the vision in the ocean soul
Only thoughts telling me when to go
Where I’m fina (going to) go
Do or dont
Either way
I’m on my grind
Straight to my fate
On to the next as i reincarnate
Revive the dreamscape even with the sun
Committed to this initial escape
Where I and I become one

My fam (family) alright
We feel the light
Til the break of dawn
No need for sight
Ima feel this high
Til the morning come
Liquid lift
Time to take a trip
Til the body numb
Feel the shift
All in the moment
And its a perfect one

Ever since
I broke out my web
I been feeling the rush
Getting it
Pure adrenalin given no fuck
Forgotten innocence since i was 6 (66)
I needed this fix
Let em take that hit and or swig
Overdose of soul the perfect drug
So much more to this
This a first time experience
No fear in this
ain't (isn't) it apparent that
I’m the perfect one
Im weird as shit and i’m proud of it
If you doubting this talent
Than yo head must be
On a fucking cloud my man
Better wash yo face
cuz (because) your opinion laced
OD on demand
i did what i did
Time to move ahead and live wit no regret
Rerouting this
Give and take
Provide my soul
And control my fate
Living like its just today
In these times there really ain't no other way
All I know is this going to resonate
All go in the zone no hesitate

My fam (family) alright
We feel the light
Til the break of dawn
No need for sight
Ima (going to) feel this high
Until the morning come
Liquid lift
Time to take a trip
Until the body numb
Feel the shift
All in the moment
And its a perfect one
Track Name: ACCEPT
All my d.o.g.s be g.o.d.s
Puting work and time when nobody see
Not a soul in sea work harder than me
Motivation from difficulties
Obstacles help with inner peace
Pulse energy all through the galaxy
Now it's courtesy that my worth is seen
Reality turning perfect dream
Cuz (because) currently Its occurred to me
Forget currency that'll come in time
Still getting mine
In the shade I'll shine
My aura bright
That inner high
The fam (family) of past thrown in the tides
Dem be my guides in this lapse of time
Gimme me sight
In this land of blind
With Vision clouds and reflective skies

Until I see the dawn
Life a perfect storm
I'm keeping calm
Can't do no wrong
Put Life on pause
Check those thoughts

I come alive
Every time I dive in my tides
Camouflage within my hide
All the things I want in life

They come out tonight
Exposed onto my mind
Every ghosts that I left behind
To keep afloat in this kai

They come out tonight
Exposed onto my mind
Every ghosts that I left behind
To take control of this lapse of time

I can't deny nah nah
My plan to rise
Yeah yeah yeah this my time
Present state of the mastermind

Ignorance out of time
Must ask the questions why

Learn from the wise and keep it open minded
I Stay plus vibing
And look to the horizon

Miss Nature on my side
Provide sense of divine

Stay in touch wit spirit and keep it aligned
With every soul that passed me by man

Lota niggas try
To be jus like I

But if that's your mind state than your already behind man
keep in your lane
And dema see ya steady grinding

Pick your fights
Only you can know what's right

Bound for great no need to hide it
course they gon hate
But they can't deny it
Track Name: GAMES
About to be changing my ways
All systems on go entering the phase
No commotion take you to the ocean
Swimming in my mind trying to find the emotion
Fog rolling down the window
Blank canvas on my mental
Painting visions of the angel on my left
Fade to every image that exists of the last
It's an open road but we going to get there when we get there
Others lost control they were going too fast
Heading toward the goals i never crashed
Moving to the shore about to show you "neverland"
Every moment going to be something that you never had
Sand on the coast cuz (because) i broke the hourglass
Elevate to soul as we see the
Hours pass and

This could last forever
Depending on view
Each and every measure
Measured by truth
No turning back
As we let the Time lapse

Ride the wave
Forget the frames
Used to contain
This town just filled with pain
Let's get away
Beyond the fake
I do what I claim
Who going to relate?...

I ain't (am not) wit these games
(can you feel the rush?)...

Alot of bitches love to run they mouth
I don't hear what they speak
A real woman know what I'm about
She could put that on me
You the only one I care about
Take a trip to the deep
Once you come in ain't no coming out
It's okay to OD
With me

I be feeling what's comin aint no fuckin wit the vision
Wild child turned to man on a mission
Taking my time living my life
Universe expanding so the planet going to listen
Made on this plane to create wit intention
Let me relieve your whole frame of the pain and the tension
I can feel your spirit from a thousand miles away due to 6 senses
Lets go and get it

Put the bay on my back baby that’s where i began
Come to bk if u trying to meet the fam
Or how about we teleport to Caribbean sands?
Head the other way its okay switch plans
Maybe south of france, coast of japan,
Choose your path
Lemme tell you advance
Only ride wit the people who love me for who i am
Know you expect the same
Shit i’m just saying...

I ain't (am not) wit these games
Can you feel the rush?
It's a journey...
Always in motion...
But sometime you must look back before you continue on..
Rise to the cold that's ascension
Zen in my zone I’m a sensei
No bammer only sensi (sinsemilla)
Take me to different dimension
In the lair
Where i lay
With solar flare we play all day
Until both our frames disintegrate
Swtich flows
Stay the same
Up to earth
Change the pace
Been down since birth in ocean
Smoke through my vent
Straight from the core
But never content
Need addition

Hold it down for the district
That be the mission
Whole clique represent
Universal wisdom
Whenever you see fit
You in the mist of a mystic
Fuck the normal mode i’ll never fold
I embrace the difference
Ignorant fools talk to much shh you need listen
To what surrounds and if you no down then i’m indifferent to your style
Meet the child from the city in the silver clouds
Slopping underground
Drop all points of reference
Pointing to inner senses
Do i can see clearly now
Died in conceit seas
Repeat wit no ego around
So masses passing me the crown

Hold it down for the set
Hold it dow for what you rep

Check your flex
Check the step
California don’t play or stress
In the streets they got techs (guns) on waist coming for your neck
If you're not coming correct
See i was told not to walk around with some colors
cuz (because) some of them leave targets on your head
That's blues and reds
Real script no counterfeit
Priveladged that i'm not dead
You call the cops they going to question you
Just a troubled youth searching for the truth
Trying to the loot for my mama too
Snd do the right thing cuz karma loop
Time critical to the vision
I just know the time when the times due
Swimming in the deep
To gain the strength of a typhoon
Grow with your clan like lions do
Fuck the man he just lie to you
Some search for gold like miners
But my touch midas
So she trying to hand me her sacred fruit
Stick to my land like glue
But I grew
In the ocean
I’m focused
In god mode
travel globe
accelerate universal
As i’m toasting to the higher plane
The mind frame an acquired taste
but still hold it down for home base
What more can i say?
Whenever you see fit come and check it
In the present stay close to the section so they get the message
Hold it down
Had a mission in my youth
To bring true element into the style

Mission in my youth
Ocean overdosin now

Hold it down
For the fam that I’m around
Spirits gon feel the sound
This my town
Forever bound
Negative energy must drown
Just bounce
This that now
Overdose in the house
No reroute
Only path since a child
Enter with demons and leave without...
Track Name: BLUE WAVE
In the Blue Wave
Floating Down the Boulevard
Illusions Of the Day
We Moving On
Go and take a Dive
Beyond the sky I’m passing stars
Neon lights hide the fright
Deep inside
Within the dark

Mood swing
Time to Rage
Let the vibe
Out of the cage
Grab your dude
Grab your dame
Everyone all in the same
We sharinG love
For an inner gain
Relieve stress
Deep breath
Set it straight
Center aligned
In my prime
Can’t feel my face
But i feel alive
Break The
Line controlled chaos
Hypnotized in my mind
Doing fine I don't feel no flaws
It's Do or don’t
With the overdose
The ocean soul
Give my people hope
Let them know
I too have felt alone
But nothing alive set in stone
Do your thing keep it on the low
Express yourself feel the growth
Hitting the road for the hope of a better day
Got some pain in my soul but I'll pave my way
Back to the map
Yo the fam (family(
They pray i make it safe

In the Blue Wave
Floating Down the Boulevard
Illusions Of the Day
We Moving On
Go and take a Dive
Beyond the sky I’m passing stars
Neon lights hide the fright
Deep inside
Within the dark

Stay humble keep the feet on the ground
And my head in the sound
I’m heading to the town

Took over the sea
Now I’m fina reroute
From beach
To the city
To the top mountain
Streams of the youth fountain
Extend from me to surrounding

It's the fact that I make it
Not the fact that I made it
Call him overdose swear I'm underrated
Dema (the will) hate because they know my fate
And they ain't (are not) related
Trying to take imagination imitate the creation
Lames jus basic
Grew up in the bay where
Gota make the right moves
Gota dodge mazes
Got to know what's truth
Gota know fakeness
Wear some colors and you in danger
Where my brothers at?
They all leaving
Guess that's just gentrification
Don’t act like it aint race related
Like yeah its class but ain't that the same shit
I'm white and black so you can’t say shit
Orange and black I’m "Willy Mays-in"
MakinG moves I’m runninG bases
I’m witH the team I’m spirit waving
I’m with some green getting faded
"yadalamean?" we been amazing
crowd bouncing we killing stages
underground i don’t need a station
getting loose feel the groove
stick to my roots transmit the truth
my aura blue
gotta keep it cool
from the womb until I’m cremated

rising to the top an i'm not gon stop
No worries about how they judge dat aint gon be my flaw
I just do this for the district dem gave me my start
I just do this for my nigga dem (they) pass me the spark

The afterlife wasn’t really what it was before
Eternal is the high in the mind and soul
In the ocean zone puffing o.z. and body gone
OD ain't (has) got no control
Forget the woes go for gold take a lift then hit the road

In the Blue Wave
Floating Down the Boulevard
Illusions Of the Day
We Moving On
Go and take a Dive
Beyond the sky I’m passing stars
Neon lights hide the fright
Deep inside
Within the dark

Back in the bay
Floating around
The land going to know the wave
Ocean bound
I must admit
They feeling me now
Come and take a dip
In the sound
Track Name: TOMORROW
I've been up from dawn to dusk
On an ambition overload
Constantly reminded that what's mine is
Is also yours
I've been going through a lot
Create the vibes to overcome
The head telling me to stop
But the heart know the clock ticking on
Moving fast in the slow
Heading to the end of the road
On a slope
Meditate in this ocean zone
Attempt to float
In this body wit no control
In your body its soul to soul
It's a hobby to feel the lows
Of the past where nobody go

I remember
I remember all the pain
Feel alone wondering if they feel the same
Fuck a Listen they gon feel me man

All the sacrifice all the drama
Of the last 21 years only made me stronger
Obstacles erode and turn into positive karma
Guess I came out okay

I'm making tomorrow Mine
Ain't nothing they gon (going to) tell me man
keep the focus on who I am

Some worry about what will be my route if it don't happen
Forget that doubt
I'm in the now and I'm time lapsin
Never been great at masking
That my inner passion was less about passing classes
And more about making classics
So I be in the studio night and day
Because this life's all about taking action
When I dissolve from the space
I'll still create and rock the masses
Full crowd
Getting loud
They wonder how it happened

Let me tell you about it..
It's not always magic

I remember
I remember all the pain
Feel alone wondering if they feel the same
Like something missing just listen and your going to find it man...
One day...

And all the sacrifice all the drama
Of the last 21 years only made me stronger
Got to hope got to hope for a better tomorrow
Where I come out okay okay okay...

I'm making tomorrow Mine
Ain't nothing they gon (going to) tell me man
Keep the focus on who I am
Track Name: THE NOW
I know my value
Put in the work
Transmit vibes to the sea
And get blessed in return

I've been on my grind from the deep out to jupiter
To creep back to the map
Taking over the earth

That "bae" from the bay ride the wave she know my fate
We hit the vape and accelerate down the inter state
i just take an inner state
And express it through the sound
Bro (brother) you late thats okay
Cuz (because) the future is the now
Check the count
Yeahhh I’m that one
Got the green light
From my people
And poseidon
One love
Take a puff
Oceanic rush
This a must
Ain't no such thing as overdosing too much

Ima (going to) go all, go all, go all in
I know this is my call just gota (have to) keep the focus
They''re betting that I fall but they couldn't control this
No need to stall no need to postpone it

I’m the now

I know my value
Transmit vibes to the sea
And get blessed in return...

...Nlessed in return...

I live and learn from my mistake
Stayed on my grind 24/7 mang
Now every moment mine
Feel the high
While I levitate...

Ima (going to) go all
Go all in
I know this is my call just gota keep the focus
They bettin that I fall but they couldn't control this
No need to stall no need to postpone it

I’m the now
Track Name: TOGETHER
Life is but a dream...

Most people think living fast is living right
But time relative to you’re thoughts
And when light aint there to distract
How you gon react to all yo flaws
Close your eyes feel the fractals
Go ahead bring it back to the beginning yo
Take a deep breath and let it go
You need to destress
Put work on hold
No more meds i need that yo
That powers that be aint gon stop my flow
Rise above time thanks to my people
Showing love on both island and coast
I been gone for a minute chasin what I was made for
When I get back home
Feeling like too long
Throw my worries up in the song
Just to cool off
Diving in the paradox
Exhiled from the land I’m from
But who aint (isn't)?
In this land called america
Nothing scarier
For an ancient being
Tryna (trying to) find his place
On this plane of the spirits
All smoke no mirrors
Never for appearance
That’s not the priority in my relation
This is revolution in the making
This is evolution for the taking
This is music for many places
To keep the vibes alive within
Natural brought back in digital ages
Chaos found in laws of creation
Cycles of fate return karma to strangers
Since I reincarnated as a trail blazer
Blaze up

As I Contemplate in this moment
About the present state on this road
Thank all the fam (family) in this sea of life
Proud of the way that I’ve grown
Have no fear for where I’m headed
No use worry about the unknown
Just know that I am who I am
With this element that I’m on
In this lapse of time
I’m livign life

...This moment...


Every soul gon (going to) let him in
When I do arrive at that Final Stage
Travel Up to the Pendulum...swinging
floating Down to Heaven’s Gate...swimming...