This sonic artifact is private. Ensures all sounds remain pure for those who are worthy of expansion. Allow energy to flow to unlock this complete experience.

How to Unlock:
Select the sonic artifact you would like to unlock. After the check out gate, you will receive a private key, delivered to your preferred email. This key will instantly download this sound space to your device so that you may enter it whenever you choose for the rest of your life.


Walk through the door social construct
Trying to turn a smile on but i can't find one
People having good times but KAI a virus
Introspective mind
trying to to fight it

Drink some jungle juice trying to turn on my camouflage
Uh oh it's a no show still alone no applause
Post up on the wall pray a chica jump on my balls
But I'm too gone drop it right in front of me and i ignore
Not from the ego trip jus a reel trip
Talking wit my "steven shpeal"
Tryna feel on your hips
Smilin in my eyes like its all innocent
I know what is behind this all incense
Smoke and mirrors in the room
I jus wana get you wet
Chatting it up but word bounce off my head
Not even fucked up
Scenario got me with a cold sweat,
Coat check
Left alone just to go rest
On the nile I'm kinda home sick
I'm in denial and my dudes is too
Tryna get me up
But i ain't got no parachute
Fall up in my doom
No move to the groove
Better get a black suit
Crying over me but i've been a boo hoo
Boo who been ghostin
"Davy jones-in"
Elevated in the tomb
Dead man floating
Chosen to represent the world unspoken


from ATLANTIS CAMPUS | Archival Collection, released April 15, 2014


all rights reserved



KAI California

sonic spaces crafted from the purest source.

For the chosen.

all original. all knowing. all one.

most have turned back.

their time will come

your time is now

expand beyond normal
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