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I know nothing about my skin
I know that I'm blue in spirit
I know that I'm just a white nig
I know that I'm just a black crack
So I fall
Deep into that black Crack
That never ending spiral that's that...
That. that. that love
That I got for my clan
Is strong...er than I am
I plan
To never come up to land
In this tundra
In the deep
It's a cold summer
I see the light
Don't hear the thunder
Been extinct
For the past 3 months
Can't breathe
Sobriety got me fucked up
I need to only find me
One love
I die
One selfish fuck
I die
Under the swamp

I know...
I don't know..

About to die
I rehearsed that bitch...
Aint (isn't) that what life is?
About to dive til I die
With a couple bong rips
I don't know why we alive
But I know that present
Where I strive
Because the past and future ain't (isn't) in my mind
And time
Is the only thing that keeps me in decline
So I write out the lines
Converse through rhymes
I feel more at ease when I think about reality as not what is outside
But rather what is me
Taking not giving a fuck to a whole nother level when you know your World's speaking through you on the bass and treble
Got my middle finger up to god and the devil
Only thing I'm scared of is my fate already made
When I die in the grave and get reincarnated
As a nigga who might have made it if he hadn't made this
But life come in stages so Ima (going to) entertain until my life changes
And return into a daze where I

I don't know..


from ATLANTIS CAMPUS | Archival Collection, released April 15, 2014


all rights reserved



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