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All my d.o.g.s be g.o.d.s
Puting work and time when nobody see
Not a soul in sea work harder than me
Motivation from difficulties
Obstacles help with inner peace
Pulse energy all through the galaxy
Now it's courtesy that my worth is seen
Reality turning perfect dream
Cuz (because) currently Its occurred to me
Forget currency that'll come in time
Still getting mine
In the shade I'll shine
My aura bright
That inner high
The fam (family) of past thrown in the tides
Dem be my guides in this lapse of time
Gimme me sight
In this land of blind
With Vision clouds and reflective skies

Until I see the dawn
Life a perfect storm
I'm keeping calm
Can't do no wrong
Put Life on pause
Check those thoughts

I come alive
Every time I dive in my tides
Camouflage within my hide
All the things I want in life

They come out tonight
Exposed onto my mind
Every ghosts that I left behind
To keep afloat in this kai

They come out tonight
Exposed onto my mind
Every ghosts that I left behind
To take control of this lapse of time

I can't deny nah nah
My plan to rise
Yeah yeah yeah this my time
Present state of the mastermind

Ignorance out of time
Must ask the questions why

Learn from the wise and keep it open minded
I Stay plus vibing
And look to the horizon

Miss Nature on my side
Provide sense of divine

Stay in touch wit spirit and keep it aligned
With every soul that passed me by man

Lota niggas try
To be jus like I

But if that's your mind state than your already behind man
keep in your lane
And dema see ya steady grinding

Pick your fights
Only you can know what's right

Bound for great no need to hide it
course they gon hate
But they can't deny it


from TIMELAPSE | Archival Collection, released August 28, 2015
In collaboration with Dex Mahkeenuh & Joy Solis-Perry


all rights reserved



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For the chosen.

all original. all knowing. all one.

most have turned back.

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