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Fade Down Into the Bay...

Rollin Deep wit my fam
Blinded by the Strobe me don't know where I go
But i know that lamp
post is always on when we post
get it lit, atlantis campus where I live
chillin in the fountain of youth and ignorance
so lets get a fifth, get a hit
let it rip from the bong
liquid tongue
watch me drown from the sound
burnin pounds
pounds on pounds I'm losin weight
with Lucid dreams of me jumping off that golden gate

Fade Down Into the Bay...

why they aint listening
same question
Is why my mouth won't open
Subdued from the brew and the potent shit
Voodoo child influenced by hendrix
Mary is crying out through the wind i give
cuz (because) castles made of sand will drown in the ocean
Down peak
View looking bleak
Wishing i was flying high but i got no beak
Stoned in the creek
Criss crossed with the drink
X marks both eyes
Lungs filled can't breathe
Only thing i sense is the vision in the mind
Of 6 was 9 i would still be on the grind
Shiver down the spine
Define nothin but thyself
No Pride no championship belt
But all hail
Fade into the o
Fade into the kelp


from ATLANTIS CAMPUS | Archival Collection, released April 15, 2014


all rights reserved



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most have turned back.

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