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I Know not to believe the screen
If you read in-between the lines you know its a lie
Choose the words you speak
Cuz (because) they gon (going to) grow with you in time
Thats word from the wise and word to it
i ain't never thinking twice no time I just do it
Cuz (because) the fact of the matter is
You don’t really matter to them kid
When you coming from the urban
Got a lil more urgent lil more courage
Catch me living on the edge cuz (because) you know I got it
This is out of soul this ain't out of pocket
Got more health being myself
Than the niggas only focused on the wealth
It ain't (isn't) hard to tell
These things come from keeping it real
Down to each and every cell
this jail been broke no fuckin bail
Can i live?
Can i live?
Real no counterfeit no need to fit in
The ocean soul oh so limitless
And the overdose be the reflection
Of course you got it no need to question
And of the course the play always extended
Release the haze unleash the tension
Gone from this frame onto remembrance

They see me like
They Hear me like
Yeah feel Me Like
Ih It feelin nice?

Feelin like neo
For the eon
I am the one
It's already begun
In my city when they see him
Give him dap on tap everybody trying to meet him
Smoke tree, pop thizz
Just to see what i'm seeing
All play all go
No veto
Didn’t take long to go from dimes to kilos
That’s a metaphor
For the ocean soul
The growth always continual
So limitless in this overdose
Witnesses have been overdue
Can’t deny this life we chose
I pass the high so they get a view
Same teen on the streets of youth
Be the same thing sitting in coupe
With main squeeze so beautiful
You want the news?
Well here’s the scoop

They see me like
They Hear me like
yeah they Feel Me Like
Oh it feel nice?

I love all the extensions of self that we play..


from EXTENDED PLAY | Archival Collection, released October 10, 2016


all rights reserved



KAI California

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