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About to be changing my ways
All systems on go entering the phase
No commotion take you to the ocean
Swimming in my mind trying to find the emotion
Fog rolling down the window
Blank canvas on my mental
Painting visions of the angel on my left
Fade to every image that exists of the last
It's an open road but we going to get there when we get there
Others lost control they were going too fast
Heading toward the goals i never crashed
Moving to the shore about to show you "neverland"
Every moment going to be something that you never had
Sand on the coast cuz (because) i broke the hourglass
Elevate to soul as we see the
Hours pass and

This could last forever
Depending on view
Each and every measure
Measured by truth
No turning back
As we let the Time lapse

Ride the wave
Forget the frames
Used to contain
This town just filled with pain
Let's get away
Beyond the fake
I do what I claim
Who going to relate?...

I ain't (am not) wit these games
(can you feel the rush?)...

Alot of bitches love to run they mouth
I don't hear what they speak
A real woman know what I'm about
She could put that on me
You the only one I care about
Take a trip to the deep
Once you come in ain't no coming out
It's okay to OD
With me

I be feeling what's comin aint no fuckin wit the vision
Wild child turned to man on a mission
Taking my time living my life
Universe expanding so the planet going to listen
Made on this plane to create wit intention
Let me relieve your whole frame of the pain and the tension
I can feel your spirit from a thousand miles away due to 6 senses
Lets go and get it

Put the bay on my back baby that’s where i began
Come to bk if u trying to meet the fam
Or how about we teleport to Caribbean sands?
Head the other way its okay switch plans
Maybe south of france, coast of japan,
Choose your path
Lemme tell you advance
Only ride wit the people who love me for who i am
Know you expect the same
Shit i’m just saying...

I ain't (am not) wit these games
Can you feel the rush?


from TIMELAPSE | Archival Collection, released August 28, 2015


all rights reserved



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