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Rise to the cold that's ascension
Zen in my zone I’m a sensei
No bammer only sensi (sinsemilla)
Take me to different dimension
In the lair
Where i lay
With solar flare we play all day
Until both our frames disintegrate
Swtich flows
Stay the same
Up to earth
Change the pace
Been down since birth in ocean
Smoke through my vent
Straight from the core
But never content
Need addition

Hold it down for the district
That be the mission
Whole clique represent
Universal wisdom
Whenever you see fit
You in the mist of a mystic
Fuck the normal mode i’ll never fold
I embrace the difference
Ignorant fools talk to much shh you need listen
To what surrounds and if you no down then i’m indifferent to your style
Meet the child from the city in the silver clouds
Slopping underground
Drop all points of reference
Pointing to inner senses
Do i can see clearly now
Died in conceit seas
Repeat wit no ego around
So masses passing me the crown

Hold it down for the set
Hold it dow for what you rep

Check your flex
Check the step
California don’t play or stress
In the streets they got techs (guns) on waist coming for your neck
If you're not coming correct
See i was told not to walk around with some colors
cuz (because) some of them leave targets on your head
That's blues and reds
Real script no counterfeit
Priveladged that i'm not dead
You call the cops they going to question you
Just a troubled youth searching for the truth
Trying to the loot for my mama too
Snd do the right thing cuz karma loop
Time critical to the vision
I just know the time when the times due
Swimming in the deep
To gain the strength of a typhoon
Grow with your clan like lions do
Fuck the man he just lie to you
Some search for gold like miners
But my touch midas
So she trying to hand me her sacred fruit
Stick to my land like glue
But I grew
In the ocean
I’m focused
In god mode
travel globe
accelerate universal
As i’m toasting to the higher plane
The mind frame an acquired taste
but still hold it down for home base
What more can i say?
Whenever you see fit come and check it
In the present stay close to the section so they get the message
Hold it down
Had a mission in my youth
To bring true element into the style

Mission in my youth
Ocean overdosin now

Hold it down
For the fam that I’m around
Spirits gon feel the sound
This my town
Forever bound
Negative energy must drown
Just bounce
This that now
Overdose in the house
No reroute
Only path since a child
Enter with demons and leave without...


from TIMELAPSE | Archival Collection, released August 28, 2015
In collaboration with eclectic sonic producer, Omaru Devoid


all rights reserved



KAI California

sonic spaces crafted from the purest source.

For the chosen.

all original. all knowing. all one.

most have turned back.

their time will come

your time is now

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