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Life is but a dream...

Most people think living fast is living right
But time relative to you’re thoughts
And when light aint there to distract
How you gon react to all yo flaws
Close your eyes feel the fractals
Go ahead bring it back to the beginning yo
Take a deep breath and let it go
You need to destress
Put work on hold
No more meds i need that yo
That powers that be aint gon stop my flow
Rise above time thanks to my people
Showing love on both island and coast
I been gone for a minute chasin what I was made for
When I get back home
Feeling like too long
Throw my worries up in the song
Just to cool off
Diving in the paradox
Exhiled from the land I’m from
But who aint (isn't)?
In this land called america
Nothing scarier
For an ancient being
Tryna (trying to) find his place
On this plane of the spirits
All smoke no mirrors
Never for appearance
That’s not the priority in my relation
This is revolution in the making
This is evolution for the taking
This is music for many places
To keep the vibes alive within
Natural brought back in digital ages
Chaos found in laws of creation
Cycles of fate return karma to strangers
Since I reincarnated as a trail blazer
Blaze up

As I Contemplate in this moment
About the present state on this road
Thank all the fam (family) in this sea of life
Proud of the way that I’ve grown
Have no fear for where I’m headed
No use worry about the unknown
Just know that I am who I am
With this element that I’m on
In this lapse of time
I’m livign life

...This moment...


Every soul gon (going to) let him in
When I do arrive at that Final Stage
Travel Up to the Pendulum...swinging
floating Down to Heaven’s Gate...swimming...


from TIMELAPSE | Archival Collection, released August 28, 2015


all rights reserved



KAI California

sonic spaces crafted from the purest source.

For the chosen.

all original. all knowing. all one.

most have turned back.

their time will come

your time is now

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